Services & Divisions

At our facility, we can provide the following services:
Packaging materials. An integrated materials facility. “All your packaging needs under one roof” concept.

  • wooden pallets
  • corrugated boxes, cardboard sheets, partitions,etc.
  • custom made packaging ( PS, PU, PE foams ).
  • stretch film, plastic bags, labels, peanuts, liners.

Quality Assurance. We provide a service which includes checking components in an individualized form, so when the parts reach their final destination the customer can be 100% sure they will be approved. (No more rejects!)
      We do this through an SPC, or any other technique that will fit our customers needs. Our customer has the option of taking back the rejected parts, or letting us provide the service of disposing of it at a minimum charge at our recycling division.

Reconditioning. Some examples of products we have been reconditioning are pressure washers, mowers, hedge trimmers, grass hogs, dust busters, electric sweepers, mini-fridges, coolers/warmers, jump starts, and power centers.

Other services:

  • Maquiladora Consulting Services
  • Inventory Recuperation Services (Sort & Rework)
  • Quality Control Services
  • Warehousing/Distribution Management